Artificial intelligence can do anything, assuming you have set  a clear goal and provided it enough data to work with. AI is capable of making unexpected conclusions and looking for patterns where, it may seem, there are none. What’s most intriguing is its capability to accomplish creative tasks. Even though such creative attempts are mostly the subjects of satire,  it is still impressive to see the results of AI “creative” efforts.


A system created by researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey and the AI laboratory in Los Angeles presented its own paintings. A system of artificial intelligence from Microsoft can draw pictures based on a textual description. In October 2018, Christie’s will become the first auction house to bring art created by AI to auction. The work is titled “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” and was  created by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network).

Music by AI

In August 2017, artificial intelligence powered program Amper composed, produced, and performed music for the album “I AM AI”  together with the singer Taryn Southern. Amper was developed by a team of professional musicians and technology experts. They believe that AI will help people move the creative process forward since AI can write music in seconds. Amper independently created chord structures and instrumentals in the track “Break Free”. Professional musicians only slightly corrected the style and overall rhythm. The video received 1.8 Million views as of December 2018.

Novel by AI

A Japanese AI program wrote a small novel that got to the first round of the national literary award. The novel is called The day the computer wrote the novel. It was written by an artificial intelligence along with the human team of its developers. Hitoshi Matsubara and his team from the University of Hakodate in Japan chose words and sentences and set the design parameters before the AI ​​“wrote” the novel autonomously. The team submitted two texts to the contest, but only one made it to the first round. The appraisers did not know whose novel they were reading, since under the terms of the contest the author’s name was not disclosed.

Ad by AI

The automaker Lexus and agency The&Partnership have created what they say is the first video ad written and scripted entirely by an artificial intelligence algorithm . It took a massive amount of back-end work, powered by IBM’s Watson, including the visual analysis of winning car and luxury ads of the past 15 years along with the human emotional responses elicited by the ads. The message produced was original and sentimental. The minute-long video can be viewed here

Art is not just about visual components – it is about intent and the message that a creative individual, be it artist or musician, puts in it.  And since an AI program by itself does not have an intent and optimizes the tasks based on the magnitude of impact, it is a philosophical question whether we can call it art. However, if it inspires people to reflect, think and search, we may put AI algorithms on the same shelf as the creative professionals we admire.