The US is reaching full employment. Just think back to the 1950’s where only half of the US working age population was employed. When the first ATM machine was introduced to the world, instead of replacing the bank teller, banks were actually becoming more profitable that more branches were opened and bank tellers were trained to handle more complex tasks.  So before we start bashing AI, lets take a look at the great and new opportunities that you can expect to see very soon.

AI is implemented into a company. This company has core values, history, culture, and customers. Who is going to teach this super smart technology what the humans like and don’t approve of?

AI Trainers

AI trainers do exactly what it sounds. Before you get an image of an Amazon Alexa screaming at someone in a track suit to do another lap around the field, consider this: The trainers teach everything from company policies to helping AI understand what humans want. Not everyone is going to be able to communicate with these complex AI algorithms and computers. This skill will be highly sought after in the work force and will eventually become a common expectation like the use of Microsoft Excel once was.

AI Explainers

Let’s be brutally honest here: The majority of the general public still does not understand AI, and people are naturally more afraid of things that they don’t understand. Mix that fear with a powerful intelligent new technology, people can become squeamish really quick. Your company may even face a press conference with reporters asking questions like, “What does AI do? What is it really doing? How can you prove it? Are you sure it isn’t recording my every move and sound and plotting to kill me?”

Remember when Google was interrogated about their privacy practices in congress and the congressman were just NOT understanding what was going on in their phones as Google was clearly trying to explain ? This is just an example of what the AI Explainer will do. Events will arise when the public will need to understand in plain English what exactly the AI is doing. Think of it like the speaker on behalf of the AI, the PR agency of the bots!

AI Sustainers

As time goes by, these trained employees will be required to maintain the efficiency of the AI. Are they still being productive? Are they still doing their required tasks as originally programmed? Are outside factors influencing the AI in an unfamiliar way? The supervision of AI is likely to be the most valuable skill that employers will need in their company. High levels of training and analytical skills, reports, and monitoring. But most importantly, the ethics of the AI will be maintained within the AI. As this advanced technology begins to learn faster, the ethics of its intentions must be under constant supervision. This alone will be the most important aspect of the AI sustainers job.

These 3 job trends are prone to be divided into different departments under the company as AI continues to develop throughout its lightning fast growth. It is said that the children in school now will almost all have jobs that don’t even exist yet.  Thanks to the development of AI, repetitive and mundane tasks will be delegated to AI while humans will be able to focus on what humans do best.

But what of currently existing jobs? Yes, many will be gone. But skills that require human soft skills will be ever more valued. Sales and marketing, counselling and consulting will continue to be more valued than ever before, some things that AI may never be able to reach. But only time will tell.