New world, new rules

Welcome, to the age of technological advancements that rival decades past, a world evolving into full automation. As the growth of technology flourishes and AI (Artificial Intelligence) progresses, so too does the need for AI in Customer Service. With the customer’s experience on the rise, the need for fast, reliable, and accurate service is vital to a company’s exponential growth. AI assists not only customers but also the CSR (Customer Service Representative). AI relieves many pressure points affecting call centers today such as replacing a complex and tedious IVR (Interactive Voice Response) tree with 

“Hello, I am an automated agent, how may I help you today?”

IVR trees ask questions that are meant to guide you to the correct CSR, but often the CSR is not provided that information, which leads to repetitive questions. Not only does the CSR have to pull more information from customers, but they have to put them on hold while they frantically search for the answer. Having an AI and CSR integrated company can give customers the power they need to serve themselves, ultimately giving them a great user experience.

AI versatile assistance

AI easily classifies customer needs, sending them to the best CSR for their specific demands. Chatbots can be used on multiple platforms, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop and solve your problem within minutes. With many advancements in customer service AI should be at the top of the list. The overwhelming amount of calls a CSR will receive daily can not only slow down the progress of a CSR but can also push customers away and can even cause the CSR to leave. AI can lessen a majority of calls by simply performing what it is programmed to do, customer service. AI automates information for common questions and answers while allowing the CSR to focus on customers with specialty questions. AI compiles all information gathered during the call then relays it to the CSR in real time. AI obtains information from the company’s knowledge base and transmits it to the CSR allowing for speedier problem-solving. AI continuously works on convenience, personalization, and customer experience.


Having the infinite ability to monitor customer experiences, AI can solve problems before they even arise. One time training is all AI needs, saving the company revenue that can better serve their customers and employees. AI is available 24/7, which means your customers will always be able to get assistance no matter the hour or holiday. AI can securely authenticate customer biometrics through voice recognition in case of any password mishaps. AI use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to learn the customers intent and better serve them. AI uses the more powerful programmable computation device know as a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) this allows AI to be simultaneously faster with more power and cost-efficiency than a CPU (Central Processing Unit).


Investing time, money, and resources into AI is not only smart, but it is also one of the best moves for forward-looking companies. AI is becoming vital to not only corporate enterprises, but also smaller companies with customer service as well. Although customer service is there to help when needed, customer experience is in high regard. When a customer shops they are constantly bombarded with products and goods. It can become overwhelming, so when companies can make the customer’s experience more pleasant, then the customer will almost certainly buy again and even become brand loyal.


As the world continues to advance its technologies, the need for constant upgrades has become not only necessary but vital. Technology is ever growing and changes rapidly. With steadily new demands for not only customers but also businesses it can be hard to keep up, customer service is at a turning point where it can either evolve or diminish. Even though there will always be a need for assistance in any day or age; with this new era of DIYers and self-service automation, customer service may become a thing of the past. If companies want to last for at least another a decade, they will need to upgrade. AI is both the present and the future of this technological world, so we must utilize it.