“Computer, turn the lights on and lock the door.” You say as you throw your keys on the kitchen counter. Then you instruct your AI to set the thermostat higher, and start playing your favorite show on the TV. Instead of having it preheat your oven for you, you decide to have it order a pizza instead. This is just an example of the capabilities of current AI’s in our personal lives. However, some people are already working with AI’s in their career fields. Artificial Intelligence is no longer a vision of the future, but part of our everyday existence. Therefore, it is not surprising that while some fear AI’s will eliminate jobs humans currently do, in reality they are exchanging them for new ones.

A Positive Outlook for Future Careers

As AI’s improve our everyday lives and make our jobs easier to do, the demand for jobs in the AI field has increased. In a document by the World Economic Forum The Future of Jobs Report 2018 it states that there could be as many as 58 million new jobs generated by AI technologies in 2022. According to the report, in addition to the Engineering and Science related AI jobs, there will be an increase in Social Media Specialists, as well as jobs that benefit from human interaction, like Customer Service Workers, Training and Development jobs and Sales and Marketing positions. 

However, we don’t need to wait until 2022 to start a career in Artificial Intelligence. Right now, there is a high demand for people in this technology field. As the industry continues to grow and change, the specification required to preform these jobs have begun to create subsets of jobs within the industry. An example is a Machine Learning Engineer, a job that used to be grouped together with Data Science. As the demands of the job began to increase it was necessary to divide the job into specialized factions and in many cases a whole team.

AI Related Jobs Top the Trending Markets


AI related careers are now leading the top trending jobs. According to the LinkedIn 2018 U.S. Emerging Job Report, six of the top fifteen jobs currently trending relate to AI’s, either directly or as a result of the increase in AI use and technologies. Blockchain Developer was in the top spot with a growth of 33 percent over last year. Machine Learning Engineer was second with a 12X growth, and a Machine Learning Specialist was in fourth place with 6X growth. The other jobs listed in the top 15 percent include a Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Researcher, and a Data Service Manager.

 LinkedIn is not the only one noticing the trends. TechRepublic posted an article The 10 most in-demand AI jobs in the world where they listed Software Engineer and Data Scientist as the top two trending jobs. Interns, Consultants and Product Managers, were also on the list. In addition to Engineers, programmers and scientists, there is a myriad of jobs specifically developed to handle all other aspects of AI management and applications. Some of these jobs include Corporate Investigator, Artificial Intelligence Director, Advisory/Strategy Consultants and Account Executives specializing in AI operations.

Major Growth is Expected in the Healthcare Industry

Many of these new careers are in the healthcare industry. There are numerous benefits to applying AI technology to medical practices. Some of which include AI-assisted robotics, which analyze medical record data, in order to help guide a surgeons instruments during a procedure to cybersecurity, which utilizes AI’s to detect medical reimbursement fraud or reduce health record breaches. According to a study by Accenture Healthcare’s engine for growth they state “The growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021.” AI in healthcare has been gaining a lot of attention recently with AI-powered nursing assistance now in use and AI-enabled cancer screenings that can detect cancer with almost 100% accuracy. Exciting advancements like these bring attention to the potential of AI‘s in the field and fuel job creation as a result.

While we may not all have smart homes or work directly with an AI yet, we use the technology everyday. From online purchases to apps on our smartphones and other devices, AI technology is already integrated into our lives. A future with Artificial Intelligence is here, and it is an amazing career path to be a part of it.