The advances using artificial intelligence (A.I.) can be seen in many aspects of our lives. Mass amounts of information are accumulated throughout our daily lives. From social media to health care the possibilities seem endless. Today, the entertainment industry is vastly enriched with its ability to use the mass amounts of data to transform the way we watch entertainment.

Platform streaming services are customer driven. Customer satisfaction rates are greatly improved with the use of artificial intelligence machines. These A.I. can effectively organize the vast amounts of information in a way that makes people happy. Today, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the music and entertainment businessesProviding customer satisfaction is the most important aspect for the entertainment industry. Streaming services are increasing utilizing the help of A.I. to help users discover their preferences. Generating titles and recommendations that one would normally overlook.

Artificially Generated Content

Artificial Intelligence powerful capabilities are increasing being used to enrich our lives. Currently, A.I. in the entertainment sector provides that the viewer would find most interesting. Gathering and collecting data that is based on previous activity, A.I. can create a list of recommended content that the viewer will most likely enjoy to watch

Netflix is a great example to understand how A.I. has changed the way viewers watch television. From starting off where the viewer left and recommending titles that are similar to the genre of what the viewer already has watched. Their employment of A.I. generates content is tailor suited for the viewing audience of a particular accountNetflix, Hulu and YouTube personalize users experience! When it comes to customer satisfaction, an AI improve the consumer experience by advertising recommendations and curating content based on consumer preferences.

Artificial Intelligence in Movies

In 2016 FOX Studios released the first of its kind, a trailer created by an artificial intelligence machine name, Watson. The process of creating a trailer for new horror movie “Morgan” involved using machine learning techniques and experimental APIs through IBM’s Watson platform.

Watson the A.I. was taken to film school! Provided with hundreds of existing horror movie trailers to analyze, so that this A.I. could learn what kept viewers on edge. He was provided with data from over a 100 horror movies trailers. What would usually take up to 30 days for humans to produce, Watson was able to narrow down specific scenes in 24 hours! Watson generated the first of its kind, a trailer comprised of the most intriguing scenes saving the industry millions of dollars.

Watson has introduced the potential of A.I. generated trailers. Using this information Watson created a unique, first of its kind, movie trailer. A movie trailer created solely by an artificial intelligence. Although Watson was able to generate this unique trailer, a human editor was still needed to created a finished trailer from those clips provided by Watson. So, machines are entirely capable of a finished product, it is still the beginning of focused trailers generate to engage that audience and encourage them to flock to the theaters.

The clear consensus at present is that an A.I. is incapable of being truly creative on its own. We as a population must provide the information, parameters and the tools necessary to teach artificial intelligence. Technology can aid in the creative process, but it’s the human factor that brings it all together.

The Future with Artificial Intelligence


A.I. is at the forefront of creativity – the force that ultimately drives the media business! Today, we have more data and more storage than ever before. Computing power process is more efficient today, than ever before. These novel inventions provide new means to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. The result has been the employ the widespread use of AI to drive media and entertainment world in a new direction.

The possibilities are endless with the employment of A.I. in the entertainment business. Standing in front of the Redbox or brick and motor video rental places are a thing of the past. No more browsing titles on the kiosk wondering if your going to enjoy a particular film. Its as simple as popping the popcorn and pulling up the covers. Take part in the future of customer driven entertainment by binge on titles that artificial intelligences curated, just for YOU, based on the preferences that you have provided.