Popular companies from the adult industry are now more confident than ever before, with Artificial intelligence being the secret behind it. Chatbots having been in development since, “Social Media” became prominent, streamlining their communication abilities; they still continue to raise to a point where it’s frighteningly difficult to distinguish between Robot and human.

As we push through our new year, we can be sure that a large amount of things ‘A.I.’ will be changing in the comfort of your own home. But really, just how far can these limited platform AI’s actually go? And just how much does it actually affect the Adult industry?

Pretty far, according to Social platform statistics. Every single Social Media platform to date seems to have a decent number of Chatbots, especially the main adult video websites like: “Pornhub”, “Youporn”, ”Xvideos” etc, have genres that distinguish them from slightly different Chatbots. They are as follows:

  • Companion Chatbots: Virtual friends, dates, or role players;
  • Content Chatbots: Suggests search relates results;
  • Broadcast Chatbots: Displays timely notifications to subscribed or otherwise related users;

Just how far can it go?

According to a self employed study from Kik,  1% of all Kik users are Porn bots, which are Chatbots designed to seduce or entice you into a service that they have placed on their website. And yes, that leaves room to believe it may not seem like a lot in a big picture perspective. Fear not, however, because Chatbots (or bots of any kind, really) are extremely notorious for efficiency in simplified tasks. They can accomplish a lot of one specific task in a short time, especially when more than one is on the job. Infact, the live chat systems that are driven by AI have already crushed the Sex phone business in popularity, becoming so monetized that even companies like Facebook, Skype, and Snapchat have displayed a Terms of Use against their presence (though to be fair, they have privately offered bots)

It has even touched down in other leading edge business as well. The gaming industry created their own versions of it, such as the Sims ; erotic content in that game isn’t simulated, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. They’ve already become what can be considered a ‘normal’ part of day to day human life.

Can what we consider, “Chatbots” actually affect us?

It already does. By now you’ve no doubt known of or seen quite a few of these AI’s around the internet block. And no doubt a few them have even confused you for an actual person typing up a message behind another screen. Chatbot’s are focusing, now more than ever, on creating a genuine experience between robot and humans. Not only does it increase customer satisfaction and service for any person willing to use them, but it also pushes the leading edge of content chatbots just a bit further. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because although they do have large amounts of popularity through the internet, it remains to be seen how they affect erotic literature of the Adult industry in a large way, simply because there are obstacles and roadblocks constantly thrown in front of those businesses that force them to a stop. But with Live chats making upwards of 13 dollars an hour per person and per chat, would it matter? Not really.

Why haven’t we seen more from them?

Unfortunately, it’s rough ground for their technology to make leaps and bounds without national laws freeing up some of these very harsh restrictions.

Throughout those laws, a good deal of them restrict any sort of indecency amongst content, which has the ability to also nullify any related links to said content, which is why two of the previously stated Chatbot types, Content bots” and, ‘Broadcasting bots” have the ability to limit the type of content available to the average web searcher. This tends to to streamline what is already available. “NSFW” content, safely put, makes the dough. The tough part about making that money is finding the right parts to put it into.

We have yet to see a well created Companionship Bot; still there is no doubt that the recent Live chats have every possibility of surging forward with sharp new innovations. There are AI out there that can hold conversation pretty well, but none that stand out too far.


So how has this affected us and the Adult Industry? We already know It has capitalized on AI’s, making them quite normal in day to day life, whilst simultaneously creating enough liquidity to cash in on every single message that comes their way. Chatbot’s are aspiring to true  communication, and with more advanced forms of AI pushing the agenda, we will no doubt see even bigger things.